In June of 2016, I did the 10 week intensive Nuke Compositor training at Centre NAD with the goal of working in the VFX industry FALL 2016. In October of 2016, I accomplished that goal.

Effets Visuels Numériques

In October of 2016, I started a new career in the VFX industry as a ROTO ARTIST at Rodeo FX. I am surrounded by hundreds of inspirational, talented, creative, technical and business savvy individuals with an amazingly diverse set of skills.

> I will update this section with a more accurate technical description of my production tasks soon.

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Photoshop Expert & Wacom Pro-Artist

> I'll be updating this section throughout October... stay tuned!

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Retouch Artist

Most of my photo retouching contracts are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements. Here are a few samples of commercial retouch work I've done.

case study:

More companies are shooting their products themselves in-house as it streamlines the process from fabrication to shipping. Once the shots are done, my Photoshop skills allow clients to focus on their core business.

One such example is *Strandberg headless guitars, based out of Sweden. Working on the Cloud, I take care of meticulous product masking, colour calibration, alignment and canvas placement. The end result is dozens of consistent transparent images ready to be uploaded to the client's e-commerce website, placed on any background.

Slide for before / after comparison.

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Personal Work - the mannequin series

A quick demo of the original files being masked for the classic "Danielle on rooftop" shot circa 2004. What originally took days is cheated in a few seconds here.